Keep Everything Working Properly

Let us maintain your garage door system

You probably don't notice how often you use your garage door opener, but you definitely notice when it breaks. Tascosa Overhead Door Co. offers garage door repair and maintenance services in Amarillo, TX to help you fix current and prevent future problems.

We'll check every part of your system. If we see something that's broken or going to break, we'll go ahead and replace it. We'll also oil and grease your door hinges and springs to prevent them from seizing up.

Hire our team today to keep your garage door in good working order.

We can fix any issue

Your garage door system is made up of a lot of parts. That's why we'll assess every part of your garage door to find the problem. We'll check for:

Broken cables
Damaged door panels
Noisy or stuck rollers
Broken springs
Damage to your garage door opener

Regardless of what's wrong, you can trust our team to fix it. Call us now to learn more about our garage door maintenance and repair services.